Trotskyism in Vietnam: La Lutte

Action Program of 'La Lutte' (Vietnam, 1939)

1.- Fight against war preparations, break the blockade which is strangling the Chinese revolution and favoring Japanese imperialism through mass action, through boycotting Japanese merchandise.

2.- For direct action to force promulgation of social legislation in Indochina: a 40-hour law, collective bargaining, control over hiring and firing, sliding scale of wages.

3.- Against the fascists, form action committees in factories, the civil service and the army to throw out fascist personnel and have them fired.

4.- Against Stalinists who preach “voluntary” submission! Popularize the slogan: “Unconditional National Independence”.

5.- Build real alliances of workers, peasants and middle classes in action committees, in factories, in neighborhoods, amond peasants and soldiers to prepare for the workers and peasants government, to expropiate the capitalists and feudalists and to assure the well-being, peace and freedom for all workers —in factories, offices, fields, commerce and the army.

Down with the Fascists, Capitalists and Feudalists!
Down with the Stalinists Leaders, Lackeys of Imperialism!
Long Live a May First Dedicates to Class Struggle!
Long Live the Fourth International!

Action Program, ‘La Lutte’, No. 213, 14 april 1939.